CVS 4-23-17 Haul

CVS Haul 4-23-17, It Was A BUDGET BLOWOUT!!

Had a Great Time at CVS this week! Spent twice my budget but needed to rebuild my ECB’s so was well worth it!! Remember as always, YMMV on prices and the coupons you have…I did a couple of deals that the coupons expired on the 22nd so those won’t be available to you..but I could Read More

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It’s Tax FREE Weekend In Texas!!

This Weekend in Texas, all Emergency Supplies/Disaster Relief Supplies are TAX FREE!!! So if you are preparing for the Hurricane/Storm season…now is the time to buy your tarps or candles and such! Go here for more information! Click Here for Information!

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Coupon Reset!!

A lot of the great coupons we have been printing have reset!! Pop over to CVS printable coupons and check out ( CLICK HERE!!) also to see which ones you should go ahead and reprint while they are still available!