About the Lady – Why I Began Couponing

I began couponing several years ago. It was a way to occupy my mind and my body as I dealt with some of life's harsher lessons. I found it quite satisfying. I could see sales and deals forming in front of my face and cut the coupons knowing that I would reap the reward of getting high quality products for generic prices or better! Sometimes even free!

I loved to coupon! I still love to coupon, the passion never left. However, it grew. I did not want to just coupon and get the great deals myself. I wanted to share how to do it with everyone! I wanted to shout to the world, "HEY LOOK, you can do this too! You can make it easier to pay your bills by saving money in other areas of your life! You can have the high priced makeup and lotions. You can afford the big packages of the top brand toilet paper and paper towels and you never have to worry about running out!

With couponing and clearance shopping and deal finders online...I found a way to not only live easier but, to live better. I found less stress in my life as I didn't have so many money worries any longer. I found that with less stress in my life, I could concentrate more on doing the things in life that make me happy. And a happier life is a healthier life.

Couponing also kept me active! It stimulated my mind in the search for deals and coupons and in doing the math to figure it all out! It stimulated my body in the up and down movements of collecting and cutting them and in the walking through the stores. It stimulated my hormones from the excitement of 'making the big deal' and walking out of the store with over a hundred dollars worth of products that I only paid twenty bucks for!

In short...learning to coupon has saved me money, saved my sanity and helped my health.