CVS Has Gone Digital!!

Ok, so CVS has made a major change! They have now added Manufacturer Coupons that can be loaded straight to your card! Right now it is only available on your phone but they talk about adding a clickable button to their website on each of the printable coupons as well that will send them to your card and that will be automatically applied to your purchases. Now, this could be a blessing…or it could be a curse because of all the confusion that could be triggered! I have put up a video explaining it here: CLICK HERE!! Also, the image of the notice that was supposed to be sent to the stores is ‘Thanks To’ I Heart CVS and a member named Chayne.  Click Here.

There are a lot of questions around this update that will have to be sorted out, so go over to the video and watch it to help you understand! I am hoping this is a smoother transition than the Walgreen’s Point System was!!!