Don’t Get Fooled..Though there are a few new coupons, One is an Ad Only!

There are a few good coupons out that you should print! Charmin $1.00 off, Tide $2.00 off or Gain. There are B1G1 M & M’s coupons too and you know I love my candy coupons…but, sneaking in under the guise of a coupon I found an AD! 

Oh, ‘that’s a great coupon!’ I thought to myself…but when I clicked on it, it took me over to to look at the sales circular…not a coupon at all!!! This is a way that you will notice on that they can get you to go to other sites. So when you are scouting out your printables…don’t get fooled by the look like coupon, Ads!

Just a tidbit of advice…

Now, here are some of the actual coupons that you should go print and I will drop you a link to click to be able to print the coupons. com ones or the P & G Everyday ones!

These can be found here:

These are at P & G Everyday but you can only print 2 copies of each…that is what makes it hard for those of us that buy 4 copies of the Sunday paper only to find a note in our inserts that says if you want these coupons go print them! GRRRR! But, ok…we are couponers and we roll with the flow!


Hope you are having a great time saving this week!!!