Other Ways To Save

SwagBucks is an awesome way to save some extra money! After you register just check in for a daily poll to add a swagbuck, use it as your search engine to get random swagbucks or buy your ecards from MyGiftCardsPlus to get awarded swagbucks! (You know you are going to use some money while couponing anyway, might as well use an E-Gift Card!)

Once you save up 500 Swagbucks...trade it in for a FREE, yes I said FREE $5 gift card at CVS and add it to your coupons to make even Better DEALS!!

Not into couponing but still want to SAVE money? That's ok..you can save up your Swagbucks for all different kinds of Gift Cards to use at department stores, or online or at restaurants!

You could even save them up to give out with Christmas or Birthday Cards each year!!

Have Fun Exploring the many ways you can SAVE!!

Here's a link to get you started!


Learn How To Use Swagbucks on Video


Ever Shop At Walmart? There is an APP called 'Savings Catcher' that will do automatic price matching for you! All you do is sign up, log in and submit a receipt! They will compare their prices to other local businesses and automatically credit you the difference!

(And did you notice...at the top there is a logo that says activate your Swagbucks to earn on every dollar spent online!)

Here's a link to sign up!


Saving Star is another great way to SAVE money! Just sign up and register your store cards then click the items you are interested in and go shopping before the expiration date! It's that easy!

Saving Star will automatically credit you for the items that you have checked and bought! This is a great way for our non-couponers to 'get in on the game' without ever having to clip a piece of paper!

Sign up here: